LibraryMrs. Angel Fisher

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Grundy gators love books!  We devour them daily.  The Grundy Library belongs to all of us.  The PTO gives generously to the purchasing of books at Grundy.  As parents support the Scholastic book fairs during the year, classrooms and the library, are gifted with even more books.

Students come to library once a week.  Students are also encouraged to check out books during school and immediately before and after school if they desire.  Students check out books once a week from the library and reteurn them the following week.  If they want to renew their book, have them bring them weekly anyway.  We will renew their book when they bring it to the library.  Ask your child about what they are checking out from the library.  And help them keep track of them at your house, so our books can return to their Grundy library home.

The days of card catalogs are long gone.  Now each student (and STAFF) has access to looking for books in our library online 24/7 through the  DestinyQuest website.  Go to Grundy Gators homepage>>Students tab>>Destiny.  Or here:  Students sign on with their Accelerated Reader name and password.  Students can put books on hold, request them to be sent to Grundy from other Morton Elementary libraries, or just browse for a book.

I am very excited and grateful to continue as the library aide at Grundy! I’ve been here since 2017. Each year I look forward to sharing my love of reading with all the students. My husband Patrick (who was a Grundy Gator!) and I got married in September 2001. We have three sons- Jack is a 2022 graduate of Morton High School and now studying music at ICC while playing in the Bradley Symphony Orchestra, Andy is a senior and Sam is a sophomore at Morton High School.. Previously I worked at Lettie Brown as an aide in first grade and early childhood. In addition, I worked as a substitute aide in each elementary class and the library. In my free time I enjoy reading (of course), watching movies, and spending time with friends and family. We also have two cats that perform tricks like playing fetch, shaking hands, and walking on a leash.


My mission for our library is to help every child find books they love, in which they can have an adventure, learn about a place they want to visit, get wrapped in a fantasy or mystery, and just find themselves enthusiastic for the next chapter. When you read, the whole world opens up for you.